Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vista Arrives At Radio Campus

Windows Vista Business is now on the Radio Campus; nobody can accuse us of jumping into things on a whim. Radio Brandy's homepage for the first time was created with Vista, using Site Spinner 2.7f. Up to this point, our website has been created with an old 350mhz running Windows 98SE; everything we use to create the site was on the old computer. From images, to paint programs and other editing tool were on it. The one advantage to the old computer; is that we knew our site was available to anyone with an older computer, and it still loaded pretty fast even with a slow computer.

One loophole we have found with Vista Business is you can't RIP CD's, even if it's your own work. Others have reported the problem; but nobody at Microsoft can explain why. We will work around that problem by upgrading an older Compaq Pasario 6000 running XP, but only has 128mb on board.

Radio Brandy

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