Monday, October 19, 2009

Rebuilding Transmitters & Antennas

We spent the weekend rebuilding a transmitter and cable assemblies. With the wind blowing endlessly around here; antennas and cables take a real beating. The areas around the fittings, receive the greatest abuse; so fittings were replaced first.

Murphy's law was definitely in effect this weekend: For the maintenance project; it was necessary to switch to our auxiliary transmitter and antenna. What should have been a quick switchover; took well over two hours. You name, and it failed! cables assemblies, SWR meter, antenna; you would never know we just tested it the week before.

Two weeks ago our original main transmitter failed after four and half years of service. Nothing major; just the RF final transistor opening up! It was at that time our auxiliary transmitter was placed into service; so we know it was working before a spare transmitter was assigned to main service; and the auxiliary transmitter was returned to standby service.

Another change was made: Since 90 percent of the programming is News-Talk; it was decided to drop the stereo signal. The advantage to dropping the stereo signal is improved coverage and less noise.

Radio Brandy staff