Sunday, April 12, 2009

Radio Info Banning And Censorship

Radio Info: the popular radio board; has been taken over by clueless, money hungry, opportunist, taken advantage of a young mans timeless and tragic death. The dream, has turned into an operation run by iron fisted control freaks, intolerant of frank open discussion of broadcasting; the politics of broadcasting are strictly off limits. It takes very little to get banned from Radio Info; getting censored takes even less. Simply taken issue with a cities politics and the way it is governed, can get a post censored. Simply identifying the political leanings of a politician, can get a poster banned without warning or justification.
Most posters, who have been banned from Radio Info, have migrated over to Radio-Talk; an alternative board started by those fed up with Radio Info's way of doing business. Radio Brandy students will no longer take part in discussions on Radio Info, because of the on going abuse of their members.Radio Brandy now post on Radio-Talk exclusively.

Students of Radio Brandy

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Radio Brandy Goes Mini

Radio Brandy is now using mini barns, for its new studios, housing and offices. The min barn's are about 560sqft each and come in several configurations as shown here:
Mini Kitchen for housing dorm

Mini Kitchen/Bathroom for office

Studio is located in a mini barn

Check out more of this studio located in a mini barn here

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Antennas

Radio Brandy's California campus, is the sight for testing new antennas for broadcasting. This time we decided to use a TV rabbit ear antenna, as a broadcast antenna for broadcasting on FM. We were very surprised by the results: One mile of rock solid coverage; with the antenna less than 12 feet off the ground.
More on this antenna is on Outlaw Radio website; just click on the rabbit antenna on the bottom of the page.

Radio Brandy Crew